Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017  Summer  Tournament

Blyth Naef, Tournament Manager

Blyth, thanks very much for

organizing the tournament and handling

every detail.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Perfect Day For A Hole In One

June 6, 2017   -     Two  HIO's  Today

48 Women Celebrated 

With Shirley and Joan

Shirley Brick:  Her 4th Hole in One

Today On EPGC Hole #8

Shirley's Precept Golf Ball was perfectly struck with her #5 Rescue Club

Joan Clark:   First Ever.  Today On EPGC Hole #3  

Using a Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

and 25 year old King Cobra Senior  Flex Pitching Wedge 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2017  President's  Cup  Tournament
Final  Round 

Winner:   Leslie Gainey
Trophy  Presented  by   Marti  Baldwin, President


Also Placing In the Tournament

Congratulations to All Participants

Another Wonderful Day At Eagle Point Golf Club

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 President's Cup (day one) &

Cup Cakes for Sam 

The truest feelings for someone

are known when bidding adieu to them.

Delectable Cup Cakes by Judy Mayfield.  Thanks, Judy.

Sam, good luck and we hope the path that

lies ahead includes many golf cart paths.  Farewell.

May 23, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017  EPWGC Opening Day

8 AM Breakfast at the Talon Grill

Thanks to the Staff at the Talon Grill

A Nice Welcome from Robin and Don

Sandra Medaris, Tucker Newlon, Donna Lilly, Denise Boe

Shirley Brick, Kay Breithaupt, Jeannie Delk

Kathy Nabozny, Ginny Pfenninger, 

Trea Hicks

Marie Resler, Diane Plotts and Val Ruebsam

Tucker Newlon  and  Marie Resler

Kay Breithaupt and Bobbi Becker

Blyth Naef  and  Wyn Lewis

Sandra Medaris 

Kathy Hartman, Zoe Nallia, Judy Mayfield

Donna Lilly 

Sam Ballenger 

Vonnie Beck   and   Judy Mayfield 

Here's Logan ........  Thanks for Reviewing

some USGA Bunker Rules with us Today.

Marti Baldwin, EPWGC President

with Blyth Naef and Wyn Lewis

Sam Ballenger  and  Joan Clark

Smiles  Worth  Seeing  Twice  !

Logan Leading in 2016    --  Ladies  Still   Lookin'  Good !

❇    ❇    ❇  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 Christmas Celebration

A Very Merry  Christmas  Celebration

The decorations were festive, the glasses 

were clinking and the laughter 

was endless. 

Thanks very much to our Hostess,

Judy Mayfield  

A Keepsake for Sure, Judy.

Keri  and  Judy

Lina, Judy and Sandra

Cathy  and  Jeannie

Cheers ..   Sally  and  Kerry

Kris, Shirley and Denise


 Vonnie  and  Lynn

Denise  and  Paulette

Valerie  and   Zoe

Marti,    Donna and   Annette

 Judy  and  Trea 

Keri  and  Judy

 Tucker,  Ida  and  Shirley 

Marti  and  Judy

Blyth,  Judy  and  Donna 

Annette ..   It's A Gift Exchange,  Right??

Tucker,  Ida,  Shirley  and  Carol

Lina,  Cathy  and  Jeannie  

Jeannie,  Lina  and  Marie

Joan  and  Cathy  

Keri.  This is adorable!


Ida,  Shirley  and  Carol

Kerry,  Marti,  Judy  and  Trea

Joan   and  Cathy

Kathy,  Marti  and  Marie


Annette caught taking .. not exchanging.

Merry  Merry ..  'tis  the  season  

Woof !